• RYL series hot gas furnace

    Product details:
    Hot flue gas furnace is a kind of high temperature flue gas mechanical chain grate furnace, mainly for drying and 200 ~ 1000 ℃ high temperature flue gas, energy-saving combustion furnace with arch and high temperature purification chamber, thermal efficiency is as high as 90% above. Fuel is coal or biomass fuel.

    Vertical cyclone burner

    Highly automated, more fully combustion, can provide stable energy supply for boiler or drying.
    How the furnace works: the fuel is cut into the furnace, and it is rotated along the inner wall of the furnace, and the combustion process is completed under the action of multi-point secondary wind, and it is opened into high temperature flue gas in the furnace.
  • High efficiency heat exchange stove

    Heat exchange hot air furnace is a kind of hot air which USES coal or biomass fuel to heat the air. Can provide clean hot air for food and medicine drying. The heat exchanger is composed of upper coal machine, grate speed reducer, chain belt type grate, furnace blower, high temperature heat exchanger and exhaust fan. According to the different outlet air temperature of the heat exchanger, respectively by different heat resistant materials and enhanced heat transfer of turbulence, air can be heated to 550 ℃.

    Oil and gas stove

    The fuel gas hot air stove is a hot flue gas generator with fuel or gas, and the high temperature flue gas produced by oil or gas is used to dry or other heat equipment to provide the high temperature flue gas.
  • Safe and energy - saving dryer equipment

    The machine does not need to be equipped with another boiler, directly using coal, oil, gas, wood burning, biomass particles as heating source can be, the machine design is reasonable and compact, integrated frame base, no need to make concrete foundation, small floor area, high thermal energy utilization, easy to operate, easy to maintain later. Greatly reduce the production cost of our customers. With high precipitation rate, it is an ideal drying equipment for all kinds of materials.

    Constant temperature aerobic fermentation equipment

    CTFC - 350-10 series constant temperature fermentation tank, is my company based on the introduction of international advanced technology, according to the properties of the organic waste, improved upgrade, developed is suitable for a variety of organic waste disposal equipment, in different places such as high, cold, humidity can be normal use, livestock waste, sludge, is a professional kitchen waste organic wastes such as integration of equipment.
  • Jy-2000 series screw extruders

    JY-2000-screw extruder is used for the dewatering of various fiber materials. Most of the water in materials can be removed, thus greatly reduced the burden on the drying machine, increased its production, and significantly reduced the energy consumption. It is the indispensable processing device for drying material with high humidity. Materials after dehydration can directly enter the drying equipment, thus the energy consumption is greatly reduced.

    QLJB air - stirring dryer

    The three-axis horizontal agitator dryer is a three-axis agitator. At the same time, the upper agitator shaft is equipped with a rotating ventilation plate. In this way, the medium wind entering the dryer can constantly change the direction of flow, so as to maximize the increase of heat and mass exchange. The upper agitator can not only mix the wind and materials more effectively, but also play the role of scraping wall. In this way, the equipment is suitable for drying materials with high humidity and high viscosity, such as penicillin mycelium.