• HYG series of solid biomass fuel drying equipment

    HYG series of solid biomass fuel drying equipment can also be applied to: sawdust, straw, bagasse, coconut, palm silk, wood chip, bacteria rods, shells, clay and other combustible waste material.

    HYG series marigold polycyclic drum drying equipment

    HYG series my company production of polycyclic drum drying equipment used Yu Wanshou chrysanthemum drying industry for the first time in 2003, it has been 14 years, the domestic and foreign sales of dozens of Taiwan, is the nation's largest marigold drying equipment manufacturers, major diameter more than 3.8 meters, various technical indicators have reached the international standard, mature technology, good product quality, equipment running time is long, low failure rate.
  • HYG series more worse residue class ring drum drying equipment

    My company developed vinasse type of drying equipment structure features: three unequal diameter roller suit and to form a polycyclic roller, inner and central cylinder inside and outside surface, within the outer ring roller table with copy board. Three-layer cylinder with the same number of revolutions, the material is: wet material from the inner barrel, from the end of the back into the middle cylinder head end and then transferred to the outer cylinder, finally by the outer tube end.

    Stevia drying equipment

    Stevia is high sweetness and low energy and special plants contain a variety of beneficial to human body composition, its sweetness is 300 times of sucrose, and energy is only 1/300 of the sucrose. The blade can be extracted sweet evvh do sweet additive, in lieu of saccharin and widely used in food industry. Stevia sugar is a new kind of natural sweeteners, its characteristic is high sweetness and low quantity of heat, is replaced by "saccharin", "sweet" chemical sweeteners such as products, mainly exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea and south Asian countries and the domestic market.
  • Ginkgo biloba drying equipment

    In the ninety s, medical research found that ginkgo biloba for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases with miraculous curative effect. Leads the world in ginkgo biloba resources in our country and abroad at that time at a big company is established in shandong and jiangsu gingko leaf drying plant, on the acquisition of drying, and sell it to pharmaceutical companies. At that time due to the modernization of our country has not developed the drying equipment, imported equipment and restricted, only reluctantly sell resources, look at the ginkgo biloba drying, export foreign businessmen big profits.

    Clover polycyclic HYG series drum drying equipment

    HYG series my company production of polycyclic drum drying equipment fundamental measures to solve the dairy protein content is not up to standard is to improve the dairy feed structure, increase the proportion of alfalfa. In our country raised a hot wave of a new round of planting alfalfa.
  • Purple stems ze LAN drying equipment

    The spread in sichuan, yunnan, guizhou and other places of "purple stems ze LAN" processed into high protein feed