• Vibration screening machine

    The screening machine consists of rack, vibration motor, vibration cabinet, vibration isolation spring, screen frame and screen. Feed port is at the upper part of the screen frame, discharge outlet is at the lower front part of the vibration cabinet.

    YPZLG series of horizontal vibration fluidized bed dryer

    Two equipped vibrating motors in the host machine produce exciting force, which makes materials leap forward. Hot air passes material layer through orifice plate in an upward direction to achieve the purpose of dehydration.
  • YPZG series of vibrating multi-layer horizontal circular motion dryer

    This equipment was developed under drying technology expert, Professor Lu Yinglin's leadership. It's a patented product with international advanced level, having been awarded national second-class scientific and technological progress prize, the 36th Eureka International Invention Expo Silver medal.