Drying equipment development focus on the key features and drying

Drying equipment in order to adapt to the development of modern drying industry focus on the development of the key features and the dryer system, lay a foundation for dryer product upgrade. Major development projects including the dryer system and supporting products. Meet the requirements of customers of key projects, the implementation of advanced type dryer demonstration project. Focus on the development of advanced range of dryers are: fast, high quality dryer, etc.

Simple economical type dryer in the industry accounted for nearly 70%, middle and the dryer for almost all rely on imports, structural contradictions are still outstanding.

Therefore, drying equipment industry should strive to speed up the industry and product structure of large-scale adjustment, in the recent domestic dryers accounts for the proportion of domestic demand in the market, up from less than 30% now to 50% above, domestic dryers adopt their own features above 60%.

For dryers within the enterprise, the development of the dryer is given priority to with technology improvement, but also want to do something in technical improvement, preferring to can not repeat construction was provided. After the technical reform to improve the ability of the dryer enterprise rapid response market. Select key according to the principle of professional coordination, strengthen the advantage, develop their own characteristics, make advantage part more advantages, to expand product market share.

Drying equipment industry in the future, on the whole, breakthrough point is: the development of large, sophisticated, high-speed dryer equipment and dryer system and features, to change the present situation of the large, high precision dryers most dependent on imports. Related enterprise should through the technological transformation, constantly in the direction of the development.

Our company combined with our demand for baking industry continue to update technology, to the quality strives for perfection the dryer as the top priority, is the independent research and development the dryer to achieve full automatic drying drying process.