Wood pellet fuel belongs to a kind of biomass fuel

Wood pellet fuel belongs to a kind of biomass fuel. Is made by compressing the wet sawdust and wood chips, and the particle shape, similar size is about 1 inch long and a quarter - 5/16 of an inch diameter. And other biomass fuels, sawdust particles is more easy to use, requires less storage space. They deliver more secure and more advantage than fossil fuels, because of the high calorie content, there are almost 7750 Btu per pound (British thermal unit). The moisture content of 4-6%. These features and plant lignin is helpful to keep its compact structure, make sawdust particles become the preferred fuel.

Sawdust particles grade is not divided by wood type. The traditional sawdust particles are classified according to the ash content. Under this classification has three levels:

The previous two level can be sold as a commercial, industrial or residential use. They are very suitable for all types and sizes, equipped with automatic dust removal system of the boiler. The third level of more than 3% of ash content of particles is suitable for industrial application.