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product name:Vibration screening machine

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Update time:2017.03.01

Production unit:沈阳远大科技实业有限公司


Product details:

Vibration screening machine
The screening machine consists of rack, vibration motor, vibration cabinet, vibration isolation spring, screen frame and screen. Feed port is at the upper part of the screen frame, discharge outlet is at the lower front part of the vibration cabinet.

  1. rack  2.vibration motor  3.vibration cabinet 4.vibration isolation spring  5.screen frame  6.screen

2. This screening machine is vibrating screen, its vibration frequency is far higher than the system natural frequency.
Its working principle is: Two of the same type vibration motors are installed parallel on the same axis, with a bolt fixed on the cabinet, and maintained at the same angle with the horizontal plane. When running, the eccentric blocks of the two vibrating motors maintain the same angle and synchronized reverse operation. The two vibrating motor always work in sync, the generated force is decomposed into two forces, a horizontal component force and a vertical component force. The horizontal component force pushes the material forward, the vertical component force sieves the material by making it leaping on the screen, undersize material is discharged through the chute under the screen, bulk debris is discharged from the waste outlet, so the screening process is completed.
The vibration isolation spring can damp vibration and reduce the dynamic load transmitted to the foundation from the vibration body.

  1.  Main parameters:

 Screen size(L×W)


 Vibration force(KN)


 Vibration frequency (HZ)


Amplitude (m)


Motor power (Kw)


Overall size(L×W×H)


Total weight(T)


4.  Application : wood chips, food and chemicals etc.