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product name:HYG series more worse residue class ring drum drying equipment

Product number:

Update time:2017.03.01

Production unit:沈阳远大科技实业有限公司


Product details:

Alcohol is bad is made worse slag of alcohol production, its number is 0.65 times the production of alcohol. Alcohol worse all contain different levels of protein and other useful elements, its highest protein content of maize (worse) one can reach 28% ~ 30%, and can be used as feed with high quality, market price is considerable; Contain low protein of cassava worse can also be used as feed or fertilizer, avoiding market price in 300 ~ 350 yuan/ton. All kinds of wine in our country, the annual output of ten million tons, converted into alcohol such as calculated on vinasse yield is the 0.65 times of alcohol, the quantity is considerable. If its dry in time will be a considerable fortune. But without processing or improper handling, can ferment alcohol is bad for short periods of time, causing serious pollution of the environment.

My company developed vinasse type of drying equipment structure features: three unequal diameter roller suit and to form a polycyclic roller, inner and central cylinder inside and outside surface, within the outer ring roller table with copy board. Three-layer cylinder with the same number of revolutions, the material is: wet material from the inner barrel, from the end of the back into the middle cylinder head end and then transferred to the outer cylinder, finally by the outer tube end.

Polycyclic roller drier material to figure


Compared with traditional advantages of single cylinder:

1, length reduced two-thirds, workshop area is reduced

2, machine, steel consumption reduced greatly, reduced due to its heavy machine, installed capacity is greatly reduced, the corresponding and lower power consumption.

3, three-ring roller cross-sectional area, can design according to the material drying characteristics, namely material different precipitation phase, within the cylinder course time is different, so that the machine performance is greatly improved.

4, heat preservation effect is good, high heat energy utilization.


Equipment characteristics:

1, quick drying speed, high output

Adopt new technology of high temperature drying, full automatic control, automatic feeding, automatic coal, automatic slag discharge.

2, drying quality is good

Alcohol bad moisture content uniformity, adopt high temperature flue gas as drying medium, dry products meet the national standards.

3, production safety

This machine is equipped with water spray device, explosion-proof device.

4, dry low cost, a variety of sources of energy

Generally adopts the high efficiency and energy saving coal or biomass pellet stove, thermal efficiency is 10% higher than common dryers. Also can use oil, natural gas and other fuels.

5, can be multi-usage

Can dry all kinds of flake, fibrous, granular materials.

Such as: sawdust, bad slag, violet bine ze LAN, broccoli stem leaf, mulberry shoot, ginger leaves, Jerusalem artichoke meal, wheat seeding, marigold, clover, gingko leaf, corn germ, straw, Chinese herbal medicine, etc.

The drying effect:

Equipment performance table

Process flow diagram

Drying process description:

Wet material into feeding scraper conveyor, in front of the scraper conveyor discharging mouth all machine will lay flat material layer, such as the thickness of the material flow into the feeding screw conveyor, the material into the hot blast stove out again FengKouChu, produced by coal-fired hot blast stove of high temperature thermal drying in the suction three-ring roller drier. After drying of material intake discharge system with stones and other sundry to depositing device (discharge) on a regular basis, dry materials in the collector air separation, dry material amenorrhea wind feeder into the cooling system, after cooling of the dry material by a whirlwind out of the feeder. Enter the packing machine, bagging sinotrans. Discharge of hot air from the collector part of the atmosphere, most of the return to mix the wind chamber heated again. All units are controlled by the main control center, developed by the automatic control system for automatic control system.

Heating system can use electricity, oil, gas, coal, by the user are optional.