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product name:HYG series of solid biomass fuel drying equipment

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Update time:2017.03.27

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Product details:

HYG series of solid biomass fuel drying equipment can also be applied to: sawdust, straw, bagasse, coconut, palm silk, wood chip, bacteria rods, shells, clay and other combustible waste material.


 Drying equipment technical characteristics:

 The equipment adopts the three-ring roller drier, realize the new technology of high temperature, fast drying, than traditional dryer area reduced two-thirds, energy saving 40%, double dry strength.

1, the part of the drying system to produce products for fuel, no additional fuel. Just need to be dry wet wood chip stream join system will have a continuous dry wood chips.

2, drying system is equipped with a specialized sawdust cyclone burner stove (no need to fire workers) and automatic recovery system (China patent) burner stove is according to the drying product quality and yield, automatically adjust the ratio of combustion parameters to adjust the output of the burner furnace combustion furnace at the same time as the modular structure, masonry without site, simple and convenient installation, the furnace is equipped with over temperature alarming and flame monitoring, alarm, fuel tempering isolation device, ensure the safety of combustion.

 3 with a three-ring roller dryer, drying system, and used the high temperature drying process, increases the drying intensity. To improve the thermal efficiency, reduce the installed capacity and the area, and ensure the product quality.

4, drying system using fuzzy control principle, equipped with moisture on-line inspection and final water automatic control (China) for a patent for invention not only ensure the product quality good, and greatly reduces the worker labor intensity.

5, drying system adopt unique method to minimize the likelihood of the internal combustion explosion, and equipped with automatic fire and explosion protection, to ensure the safety in production.


Process flow diagram



Sawdust by hopper into the belt conveyor, such as the thickness of the material flow through feeding off the wind to join the dryer inlet and in the dryer feeding mouth and high temperature flue gas heat from the hot blast stove full contact and with into polycyclic drum dryer, after three trip quality, and the heat exchange and complete material drying, after drying of material into multiple sets of cyclone separator, dry material through discharge wind discharge and extrusion part into briquetting system into pieces, form the finished product, held in another part of the material into the fuel feeding device, and through the fuel feeding into the stove fan, under the action of a whirlwind enhanced combustion fan, complete fuel combustion and high temperature flue gas formation, as heat source for the whole drying system. And out of the whirlwind collecting device of tail gas, the atmosphere.