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product name:HYG series marigold polycyclic drum drying equipment

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Update time:2017.03.27

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Product details:

HYG series my company production of polycyclic drum drying equipment used Yu Wanshou chrysanthemum drying industry for the first time in 2003, it has been 14 years, the domestic and foreign sales of dozens of Taiwan, is the nation's largest marigold drying equipment manufacturers, major diameter more than 3.8 meters, various technical indicators have reached the international standard, mature technology, good product quality, equipment running time is long, low failure rate.

Equipment characteristics:
Taken the advanced drying technology
Adopt new technology of high temperature drying, three-ring roller suit new structure and large intensity of drying, short staying time material in the dryer, drier than with volume production increased greatly.
Taken the high degree of automation
USES the letters of the fuzzy control system, realize the automatic control of product quality.
To end the production safety
Equipped with automatic fire, explosion-proof device to ensure the safety of the operation.
Taken the drying cost is low
Adopt high efficiency and energy saving coal-fired stove, new technology of high temperature drying, three-ring roller suit structure and comprehensive thermal efficiency is increased by 15 to 18%, the drying cost is reduced greatly.
Taken the dry product quality is good
Dry material moisture content is balanced, high nutrient quality assurance stock, bright color, lutein little loss.
Taken the one-time investment are dryer province 25 ~ 30%.
Drying cost is steam dryer province 20 ~ 25%.
Taken the multi-use
Can dry all kinds of flake, fibrous, granular materials.
Such as: sawdust, alcohol, bad, bad slag, purple stems ze LAN, broccoli stem leaf, mulberry shoot, ginger leaves, Jerusalem artichoke meal, wheat seeding, marigold, clover, gingko leaf, corn germ, straw, Chinese herbal medicine, etc.

Drying: drying time is too long and drying process of marigold uneven heating are two major problems affecting the quality of dry marigold processing, developed by our company, the production of dry marigold equipment successfully solves the above two questions. Below for the use of my company's HYG series polycyclic drum drying equipment drying marigold granule effect after, you can see, the finished product after drying golden in color, the quality is very good.

Equipment performance table

Process flow diagram

Drying process description:

Its technological process is: after fermentation of material into the feeding scraper conveyor, in front of the scraper conveyor discharging mouth all machine will lay flat material layer, such as the thickness of the material into the feeding screw conveyer, material into the hot blast stove out FengKouChu again, in the high temperature and heat flow within the dryer for drying. After drying of material intake discharge system with stones and other sundry to depositing device (discharge) on a regular basis, dry materials in the collector air separation, dry material amenorrhea wind feeder into the cooling system, cooling of dry after menostasis wind discharging machine, enter the baling press pack (or press piece of flour granulation, etc.) from the hot air from the collector (above 100 ℃) is discharged into the atmosphere, it induced draft fan from the cold wind from the cooling system into the atmosphere.

The heating drying machine adopts RLM coal-fired heat type hot blast stove, the hot blast stove adopts the automatic coal, movable grate, mechanical slag discharge and efficient dust removal device, the tertiary air heat exchange, clean hot air temperature can reach 350-350 ℃, hot blast stove adopts secondary waste heat recovery system at the same time, its high thermal efficiency than conventional hot blast stove of 6-10%, the use of special heat-resistant steel tube of the heat exchanger, thus greatly improving the service life of heat exchanger.

Heat exchanger: