My company another set of large marigold drying equipment delivery

Sorching summer, shenyang yuanda technology industrial co., LTD., a set of large - sent to yunnan dry marigold complete sets of equipment delivery, this is the business in my company to buy the third set of dry marigold complete sets of equipment, the equipment, nissan marigold drying finished 45 tons, this equipment is a diameter of 3.2 meters, 12 meters long three-ring roller drier, this set of equipment adopts new structure of three-ring roller suit, realized the high temperature, fast drying process so that the dry strength, thermal efficiency is greatly improved, the drying cost greatly reduced. Special fire and explosion protection device is adopted to ensure production safety. To achieve automatic control, each shift only four people to operate. The whole system maintains negative pressure during operation, so that the working environment is free of dust. This set of equipment adopts a number of patented technologies and has completely independent intellectual property rights. The research and development process of this set of equipment is supported by many professors of Engineering College of Shenyang Agricultural University. The project was supported by shenyang Science and Technology Bureau and Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Department.

Shenyang Yuanda Technology Industry Co., Ltd. provides customers with quality services. Before the equipment arrives at the site, the installation personnel have gone to the construction site for field investigation and preparation for receiving goods and installation.