Congratulations to our company being awarded as liaoning Province special and special new product and enterprise in 2020

According to "about to further promote the implementation of small and medium-sized enterprises in liaoning province development of specialization," new "work plan" requirement, in the enterprise online registration to declare voluntarily, municipal bureau of industry and recommended on the basis of the first review, the provincial expert group review, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in liaoning province hall adhere to the principle of high standard, weight training, officially announced the 2020 small and medium-sized enterprises in liaoning province in recent specialization, the new product list, our company relies on high-quality innovative products equipment, high efficiency, energy saving, automation of large drying equipment (for marigold, biomass fuel, solid waste, etc.), was named the specialization, the new product in liaoning province.

This time, our company was successfully selected into the provincial "specialty new" new products and enterprises of Liaoning Province, which is an affirmation of our company's innovation and development achievements and a sign that our company has stepped into a higher level in the aspect of enterprise innovation and development. In the next step, we will continue to work hard, constantly improve the ability of product innovation and product quality level, and strive to lead the province's small and medium-sized enterprises in the development of "special and innovative" make an example!